Kurt Dorr, born 19.4.1909 in Marienwerder

Friedensplatz 1, Do-Mitte

Kurt Dorr, a labourer, was born on 19.4.1909 in the town of Marienwerder in the province of West Prussia. In 1937, he was living in Dortmund, where he had no fixed abode.

He was twice arrested by Dortmund police and taken to Steinwache police station. The first time was on 22 February 1937 on suspicion of murder, vagrancy, and offences against Section 175, the law prohibiting homosexuality. After three days, he was released from Steinwache.
On 4 June 1938, he was picked up by the police once more, charged with the same offences.

As a homeless person, he fell within the criteria for the operation “Work-shy Reich”, in the course of which over 10,000 men were arrested by the criminal police in April and June 1938 as “anti-social elements” on the strength of the “Basic Decree on Crime Prevention” of 14 December 1937 and sent to concentration camps.

After being held for 18 days in Steinwache, Dorr was deported on 22 June 1938 to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Here, he bore the prisoner number 5482 and was placed in the NS prisoner category of “Antisocial element”.
On 25 January 1940 he was transferred from Sachsenhausen to Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. There, he was given the prisoner number 2090 and placed in the NS prisoner category of “AZR” (“Forced labour, Reich”).
Kurt Dorr died on 17 February 1940, the official cause of death being recorded as “General weakness, cardiac and circulatory insufficiency”.

As a homeless person, Kurt Dorr had no fixed address. This Stolperstein has therefore been placed in a central location outside the Town Hall.

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