Karl Dannenbaum, born 10.11.1869 in Lütgendortmund

Wilhelm Dannenbaum, born 30.08.1872 in Lütgendortmund

Lütgendortmunder Str. 45, Lütgendortmund

Karl Dannenbaum, a butcher by trade, and his brother Wilhelm Dannebaum, lived at Lütgendortmunder Strasse 45 from 1932 and 1934 respectively.
Following the “Pogrom night”, both were taken into so-called preventive custody in November 1938.
Wilhelm was arrested once more in 1939 for the unlawful sale of meat and sausage goods, and was initially held from 17 October until 22 January 1940 at Steinwache police station, and subsequently interned in Sachsenhausen concentration camp until 22 April 1940. He was again detained in preventive custody as a political prisoner at Steinwache police station from 9 May to 8 June 1940, but was then released.

Both brothers were deported on 29 July 1942 from Dortmund to Theresienstadt; they were then sent on from there on 23/26 September 1942 to Treblinka, where they were presumably murdered immediately after their arrival.

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