Olga Dannenbaum, born 25.12.1903 in Aplerbeck

Limbecker Str. 6, Lütgendortmund

Levi Dannenbaum (born 17.11.1864 in Oespel) had lived with his family in Lütgendortmund for more than three decades. He and his wife Minna, née Hoffmann (born 25.7.1867 in Castrop) had at least two children: a son, about whom nothing further is known, and a daughter, Olga.
Throughout her childhood, Olga lived at Limbecker Str. 6, before leaving home and living in lodgings at Dellwiger Str. 283. After the death of her mother in 1933, she returned to live with her father in 1935. She worked as a sales assistant. Her father Levi died at home of natural causes in April 1942.

When the deportation of Dortmund’s Jews to Riga was in planning, Olga Dannenbaum’s name appeared on the deportation list, at No. 136. She was presumably informed that this was the case and informed her sister-in-law accordingly, who thereupon travelled to Lütgendortmund. It was agreed between them that if she should return from Riga, she would first of all go to Hannover, where her sister-in-law lived.

After a delay, the transport to Riga finally took place on 27 January 1942, and Olga was indeed among the deportees.
Since her deportation, all trace of Olga Dannenbaum is lost. She probably lost her life in Riga soon after arriving there. By order of Dortmund Local Court of 3 April 1952, she was declared dead with effect as of 31 Mai 1945.

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