Levy Cohen, born 19.4.1870

Johanna Oppenheimer, née Cohen, born 24.11.1899

Ruth Oppenheimer, born 21.8.1932

Wickeder Hellweg 91, Brackel

The house on Wickeder Hellweg was presumably the home of the Cohen family and their descendants for many decades.
The owner of the house was probably Levy Cohen himself who, until moving to a Jewish old people’s home in Unna, lived there with his daughter Johanna and granddaughter Ruth.

Levy Cohen was taken straight from the old people’s home and deported to Theresienstadt. From there, he was sent on to Treblinka, where he died.

Although it was assumed for a long time that Johanna and Ruth were also deported to Theresienstadt in 1942, this now tends to be considered unlikely. Neither of them is named in the Theresienstadt Book of Remembrance.
The presumption today is that they were taken from Dortmund to Zamosc, where they were murdered.

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