Albert Cohen, born 3.7.1873 in Horstmar

Henriette Cohen, née Levy, born 24.9.1873 in Illingen

Sophie Levy, born 15.2.1867 in Illingen

Schüruferstr. 328, Aplerbeck

The married couple Albert and Henriette Cohen shared a home with the wife’s sister Sophie at Schüruferstrasse 328. Albert Cohen, a teacher by profession, was a preacher at the community of the synagogue in Aplerbeck and a member of the official assembly there; he was also an arbitrator and a member of the Hörde district council.

All three already left Dortmund in different directions in 1933. Albert Cohen deregistered from the address in Dortmund in August 1933 in order to move to Hamburg. His wife deregistered on 29 November 1933 and relocated to Enschede (Netherlands), after previously being held in custody at Steinwache police station.
Sophie Levy’s deregistration is dated only one day later, stating Düsseldorf-Oberkassel as her intended destination. They met up some years later in the Netherlands, and were transported jointly from Enschede on 12 April 1943 to Westerbork transit camp. There, they only stayed a few days before being deported to Sobibor extermination camp, where they were murdered on 23 April 1943.

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