Max Cohen, born 28.12.1880 in Iserlohn

Ida Cohen, née Mansbacher, born 28.12.1883 in Dortmund

Anna Cohen, born 28.7.1914 in Dortmund

Johanna Cohen, born 24.10.1918 in Dortmund

Walter Cohen, born 20.05.1922 in Bielefeld

Johannesstr. 28a, Do-West

Max Cohen and his wife Ida, with their children Anna, Johanna and Walter. lived at Johannesstrasse 28a, where they moved in 1929.
Max Cohen, a shopkeeper, was taken into custody at Steinwache police station as a special detainee (“Aktionshäftling”) on 10 November 1938 following the so-called “Pogrom night”, and was then transported from there on 12 November to Sachsenhausen, where he was held until 22 December.

Max and Ida Cohen were deported on 30 April 1942 to Zamość and presumably murdered in either the Sobibor or Belzec extermination camp. Both were officially declared dead with effect as of 8 May 1945.
Walter Cohen was also deported three months later, on 29 July 1942, and murdered in Mauthausen concentration camp on 16 November.

The sisters Anna and Johanna were able to travel from Germany to England in 1939 with a children’s transport. They subsequently both lived in Brooklyn, New York.

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