Albert Capell, born 8.11.1893 in Rheinbach, district of Bonn

Selma Capell, born 30.6.1897 in Schönebeck/Elbe

Hermann Capell, born 24.10.1923 in Hammelburg

Haydnstr. 37, Do-Nord

The Capell family moved from Honnef to Dortmund in May 1933 and took up residence at Haydnstrasse 37. The mother Selma had already been living at Prinzenstr. 5 since January 1933. They lived in Haydnstrasse with the two children Hermann and Johanna (the latter born 20.8.1921) right up till being forced to move by the Nazis.

During this time, daughter Johanna moved out twice, but came back each time, usually after only a few months. Her official deregistration from Dortmund and a move to Amsterdam in 1939 can presumably be seen as an unsuccessful emigration attempt.

On 12 October 1940, the family were forced to relocate to a “Jew house”. They subsequently moved once more, in 1942, to Olgastrasse.
Son Hermann was meanwhile undergoing education and training at a Hakhshara establishment in Gross Breesen and Hasenfelde near Fürstenwalde, where Jewish men were prepared for emigration to Palestine. From 1937 onwards, he left home and subsequently returned several times. In spring 1941, however, he left the family home forever.
His parents Albert and Selma and their daughter Johanna were deported on 30 July 1942 to Theresienstadt. The daughter remained there until the liberation, and survived the Holocaust; the parents, however, were deported in October 1944 to Auschwitz, where they were murdered. Both were officially declared dead with effect as of 31 December 1945.
After the war, Johanna Lederer, as she became known after her marriage to Felix Lederer, a Czech, in Theresienstadt, lived in New York. Her husband was murdered in 1944 in Auschwitz.

Hermann Capell left Dortmund in spring 1941, but his movements thereafter cannot be traced. On 19 April 1943, he was deported from Berlin to Auschwitz, and was officially declared dead with effect as of 31 December 1945.

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