Max Blancke, born 07.10.1878 in Lemförde

Emilie Blancke, née Koopmann, born 15.04.1885 in Weeze

Borsigplatz 5a, Do-Nord

Max Blancke and his wife Emilie Blancke lived at Borsigplatz 5a from 1932 until their flight in 1938. Their children had already left home before their parents fled. Günter (born 18.9.1919 in Lüdenscheid) moved on 11 April 1934 to Bocholt, while Ingeborg (born 30.9.1920 in Lüdenscheid) relocated on 26 April 1935 to Rahden (Lübbecke).
They lived temporarily in 1937 in Kaiserstrasse and from 1 March 1938 in the building at Westenhellweg 33, where Max Blancke owned the “Provincial Agency in Ironware and Metal Goods”. The business was closed down on 30 September 1939.

In 1938, Max and Emilie Blancke fled to the Netherlands and lived until June 1942 at Walstraat 38 in Oss (Netherland).
From there, they were deported on 20 July 1943 first to Westerbork and then to Sobibor, where they were murdered on 23 July 1943.

Günter emigrated together with his parents to the Netherlands, but then returned in November 1938 to Bocholt, where he managed to survive in hiding, and after the war lived in Dortmund once more, in Burgholzstrasse.
Up to the present time, nothing is known of what became of his sister Ingeborg.

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