Dr. Norbert Nathan Bischofswerder, born 4.5.1879 in Wagrowiec [Wongrowitz] (Poznan)

Irma Bischofswerder, née Kronheim, born 21.6.1894 in Langendreer

Their son Rolf Bischofswerder, born 14.12.1913 in Dortmund

Kampstraße 45, Do-West

Based in Hörde, veterinarian Norbert Nathan Bischofswerder completed his doctorate in 1910 in Berne. He married his wife, Irma Kronheim, on 15 January 1913 in Eickel, and their son Rolf was born in December of the same year.
Between 1914 and 1918, Norbert Bischofswerder was deployed as a senior veterinary officer in the Mława Military Government. On 15 January 1917, he was awarded the Iron Cross First Class.

After the First World War, from 1922 to 1938, he carried on a veterinary practice at Kampstrasse 31.
On 10 November 1938, after the “Pogrom night”, he was arrested and held in custody at the Steinwache police station, and on 12 November transported to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. On 24 November, Norbert Nathan Bischofswerder was released from the camp and allowed to return to his family.
On 30 April 1942, together with his wife Irma, he was deported from Dortmund South Railway Station to Zamość. They are presumed to have been murdered in the Bełżec extermination camp.

In 1930, Rolf Bischofswerder became the Westphalia-Hesse Youth Boxing Champion, and in 1932 passed the final school-leaving examination at Dortmund City High School (Städtisches Gymnasium Dortmund). He followed this by studying medicine in Grenoble and Münster. Rolf Bischofswerder was allowed to study, despite Jewish school leavers normally being barred, because his father had fought as a front-line soldier in the First World War and even been awarded the Iron Cross First Class. He graduated in medicine in 1938, and worked as a doctor at the Jewish Hospital in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. There, he made the acquaintance of Ruth Lilienfeld. On 13 November 1941, they both received the official letter ordering them to prepare for transport to Riga. On 5 December 1941, the day before the transport, they were married in the presence of Rolf’s parents at the registry office in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. The parents of the bride were no longer able to witness their daughter’s wedding as they had already been deported on the second transport to Łódź, where they were murdered in June and August 1942.

In the Riga ghetto, Rolf Bischofswerder became the assistant to the clinic physician, Dr. Hans Aufrecht, who also came from Ehrenfeld.
On the approach of the Red Army at the end of September 1944, Rolf and Ruth Bischofswerder made an escape attempt, in the course of which Ruth was shot dead. Rolf was physically mishandled and was ordered to undertake mine clearing duties. Rolf, too, was shot after striking an SS man dead.
On 19 October 1955, Rolf and Ruth Bischofswerder were declared dead by Cologne Local Court with effect as of 8 May 1945.

The Stolperstein for the family is located at Kampstrasse 45.

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