Gertrud Bernstein, née Jacobi, born 18.9.1888 in Berlin/Spandau
Lütgendortmunder Str. 133, Lütgendortmund

Gertrud Bernstein lived with her daughter Hildegard Bernstein (born 3.06.1911) at Lütgendortmunder Str. 133 from 1928 onwards. Gertrud Bernstein was already widowed when she moved in. She had lived in Lütgendortmund for many years, even residing in the same street.

Gertrud Bernstein moved out of her home on 11 November 1936 in order to relocate to Berlin/Charlottenburg. On 15 July 1935, her daughter had married one Josef Weinberg in Oelde, and went to live with him there on 8 August 1935. The Weinbergs succeeded in emigrating to New York in July 1938.

Gertrud Bernstein was deported on 26 June 1942 to the Maly Trostinez extermination camp, located near to Minsk in Belarus. After that, all trace of her is lost.

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