Hans-Moritz Bernhard, born 9.10.1876 in Frankfurt/Oder.

Limbecker-Str. 9, Lütgendortmund

Hans-Moritz Bernhard lived with his wife Anna Bernhard (née Jonas, born 11.8.1880) and their two sons at Wilhelmstrasse 23, presumably up to 1919. Anna died on 7 November 1919 in St. Barbara’s Hospital, and the father subsequently moved with the sons to the house at Limbecker Str. 9.

The sons left the paternal home on 23 May 1933.
Heinz-Ludwig (born 10.3.1915) moved to Scheveningen in Holland, while Kurt Max (born 4.10.1919) relocated to Ahlem, near Hannover.
Heinz-Ludwig presumably made his way from Scheveningen to Palestine, from where he sent news of himself in the 1950s.
In Ahlem, Kurt Max attended a Jewish horticultural school in preparation for his likewise planned emigration to Palestine. In late October 1935, he paid a brief visit to his father’s home, before making his final departure for Palestine on 17 November 1935. In June 1938, he took the citizenship of the Protectorate of Palestine, and also changed his name. In June 1978, he returned to his home town once more for a week’s visit on the invitation of the City of Dortmund.

Their father, Hans-Moritz Bernhard, moved from his address in Lütgendortmund on 30 January 1936 and relocated to Wiesbaden. On 2 September 1942, he was deported from Frankfurt on Transport XII/2 to Theresienstadt, where he died only 2 weeks later on 16 September 1942.

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