Friedrich (Fritz) Bergermann, born 14.06.1908 in Dortmund

Balkenstr. 13, Do-West

Friedrich (Fritz) Wilhelm Bergermann was born on 14 June 1908 in Dortmund as the son of Karl Bergermann, a mechanic, and his wife Sophie Albertina Bergermann, née Fringes. The Bergermanns were living at this time at Blumenstrasse 44.
Friedrich was a metalworker and plumber by trade. With his wife Frieda, née Haberer, he had three children: Hetti, Artur and Karl-Heinz.
The marriage was divorced in June 1940, after which he lived alone.

He was arrested for “political absenteeism” and held at Steinwache police station for the first time on 17 May 1940, and subsequently released on 7 June.
On 20 March 1941, he was arrested on the same grounds once more, and was moved from the Steinwache to Neuengamme concentration camp on 22 May.
On 14 September 1941, Bergermann was sent from Neuengamme to Dachau concentration camp as a “preventive detainee”.
On 16 January 1942, he was moved as part of an “nvalid transport” from Dachau to Schloss Hartheim near Linz.
An entry by Dachau II Registry Office dated 7 March 1942 records the death of Bergermann in Dachau. He was cremated there on 11 March 1942 and his ashes interred on 4 May 1942 in Area 141b of Dortmund Main Cemetery (Hauptfriedhof).

At the time of his initial arrest, he was living at Balkenstrasse 13.

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