Eugen Bachenheimer, born 18 or 19.8.1883 in Warstein

His wife Dina Bachenheimer, née Rosenbaum, born 6.8.1880 in Dortmund-Dorstfeld

Their son Fritz Bachenheimer, born 31.7.1912 in Dortmund

Kleine Beurhausstraße 12, Do-West

A butcher by trade, Eugen Bachenheimer was married to Dina Bachenheimer, née Rosenbaum; he was the owner of the building at Kleine Beurhausstrasse 12, which also housed his butcher’s shop. Dina Bachenheimer was a housewife.
Fritz Bachenheimer was the joint son of Eugen and Dina Bachenheimer. Like his father, he also became a butcher.

Following the “Pogrom night” of 1938, both Fritz and Eugen were held in custody at the Steinwache police station on 11 November 1938, and the next day transferred from there to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Fritz was released on 7 December 1938, and on 22 December 1938, Eugen was also allowed to return home. Eugen Bachenheimer was deported in 1942. He was in Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen and Dachau, but all trace of Eugen Bachenheimer then disappears.

Dina Bachenheimer was deported, like her husband, in 1942. She died in Auschwitz.

Fritz Bachenheimer was able to flee to England. He changed his name to Frank Bentley, and after the war, lived in South Africa.

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