Betty Aronstein, née Borgzinner, born 9.4.1863 in Haustenbeck

Gertrud Aronstein, born 1899 in Geseke

Am Knappenberg 71, Do-Ost

Betty Aronstein and her husband Julius Aronstein (born 18 December 1859 in Büren) had three children, Georg Emil Aronstein (born 1891), Hermann Markus Aronstein (born 1893) and Gertud Aronstein (born 1899). From the death of her husband on 4 February 1916, Betty Aronstein was a widow.

After the sons left home in the 1930s, the mother and daughter lived at Knappenberg 71. In 1939, they were forced to move to a “Jew house”.

Betty Aronstein was deported on 30 July 1942 on Transport X/1, Train Da 72, to Theresienstadt, where she was murdered on 26 August 1942.

Gertrud Aronstein worked as a bookkeeper but was made to give up her profession on 31 August 1938. In 1942, Gertrud Aronstein was deported to Zamość and murdered.

The brothers Georg Emil and Hermann Markus Aronstein had established their own families in the 1930s and lived in Hamm and Lünen respectively.
Hermann Markus Aronstein was deported in 1943 to Auschwitz and murdered there. Georg Emil Aronstein was interned in Buchenwald concentration camp after the “Pogrom night” of 1938; in 1941, he was deported from Münster to Riga, where he was murdered.
“Stolpersteine” have been placed for Georg Emil Aronstein and his wife Käthe at Königsstrasse 39 in Hamm.

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