Hedwig, née Rosendahl, born 10.9.1870 in Aplerbeck
Daughter Emilie David, née Arensberg, born 20.12.1896 in Holzwickede
Daughter Rosa, born 5.8.1898 in Holzwickede
Daughter Martha, born 20.6.1901 in Aplerbeck
Son Julius, born 13.4.1911 in Aplerbeck

Son Siegfried, 20.12.1905 in Aplerbeck

Köln-Berliner-Str. 16, Aplerbeck

Moritz Arensberg lived with his wife Hedwig and their five children Julius, Rosa, Emilie, Martha and Siegfried at Köln-Berliner-Strasse 16.
Moritz Arensberg died on 3 December 1934. In May 1939, the family went to live at Ruinenstrasse 1.

The youngest son, Siegfried, moved to Unna, and in 1940 married Hildegard Elkan. They then relocated to Werne, and one year later were deported to Riga as part of the Münster-Osnabrück-Bielefeld transport. Siegfried presumably lost his life during the transport.
Hildegard Arensberg is named in 1944 on a list of persons being transported to Stutthof concentration camp, where she is assumed to have been murdered.

Emilie Arensberg married Max David from Wuppertal in 1939 and moved to live with him there.
Her brother Julius went to live with the David family in Wuppertal, after living up to 1940 in Cologne. In November 1941, Emilie and Max David, along with Julius Arensberg, were deported to Minsk. Since then, all trace of them is lost. It must be assumed that they lost their lives there.

In March 1941, Hedwig moved with Martha and Rosa to live at Sölder Kirchweg 27. Already in April, however, they were required, along with all the other Jewish occupants of the house, to relocate to emergency accommodation at Parsevalstr. 8 in Dortmund-Huckarde.

Hedwig was deported to Theresienstadt in July 1942, and from there, in September 1942, to the Treblinka extermination camp, where she was probably murdered immediately after her arrival.
The two daughters Martha and Rosa were deported to Riga in 27 January 1942. All subsequently trace of them is lost.

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