Sucher Altmann, born 7.5.1900, Sieradz/Kalisz
Dina, née Schwarz, born 15.10.1902 in Elberfeld
Mendel, born 3.9.1919
Adolf, born 3.3.1923 in Elberfeld
Josef, born 24.8.1928 in Elberfeld

Gneisenaustr. 91 Do-Nord

The Altmann family moved from Wuppertal-Elberfeld to Dortmund in 1932. Between then and 1933, they changed address three times and ultimately lived at Gneisenaustrasse 91, before emigrating to Nancy, in France, in August 1933. There, the parents had two more children, Salomon, born 14.01.1934, and Jacques, born 13.08.1935.

Adolf Altmann found himself wanted by the police, and left the parental home. His parents and siblings were arrested on 15 October 1942, and deported on 4 November 1942 from the internment camp in Drancy to Auschwitz. After that, all trace of them is lost, and they were officially declared dead with effect as of 8 May 1945.

Adolf Altmann was arrested in autumn 1943 and deported to Auschwitz, where he remained until the camp was dissolved. He was then moved to Ohrdruf concentration camp, and finally to Buchenwald, from where he was liberated.

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