David Adler, born 19.05.1878 in Heubach/Schlüchtern
Friederike Adler, née Blumenthal, born 26.02.1877 in Hamm-Rhynern

Oesterholzstr. 80, Do-Nord

David and Friederike Adler lived at Oesterholzstrasse 80 at least since 1918, with interruptions. David Adler was a businessman and trader.

Following the “Pogrom night”, David was taken into so-called “preventive custody” at the Steinwache police station from 12 – 17 November 1938. The couple were later deported on 29 July 1942 to Theresienstadt and from there, on 15 May 1944, to Auschwitz, where they were presumably immediately murdered.

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